Welsh Wool & Other Fabrics

Living and working in rural Wales has given rise to my love of Welsh wool. Once world famous, the industry dwindled over the past fifty years as synthetic fabrics took hold and today there are very few mills producing woolen cloth left in Wales.

But now Welsh wool is back. Due to the enthusiasm and diligence of a few great people, this traditional fabric is again very much a contemporary concern.

Carthenni (Welsh blankets) are everywhere, and this traditional double-cloth method of weaving two reversible woolen cloths at the same time creates an ideal weight for upholstery fabric. The traditional designs of Melin Trefriw and contemporary designs of Melin Tregwynt are superb. I also stock fabrics woven at Cambrian Mill by Pentywyn Tweed and Kay Coldrick.

As a self confessed 'wool nut' I also stock fabric by the excellent Eleanor Pritchard, Bute, Kvadrat and Hunters, as well as having accounts with Sanderson and St.Judes.

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