Tuesday, 29 March 2011

1930's Knocked -Together Chair and (ridiculous) Ottoman

My Great Uncle Gerry used to live in Red Lion Square in Holborn and when he died I got this chair from his flat.
It's from around the time of Utility and being made from orange boxes needed a fair bit of reinforcement. I couldn't work out how it was made so I applied traditional upholstery techniques and went for the heavy horse-hair-and-hessian approach. I used a linen fabric by Moygashel called "Pinto" and designed by Arno Thoner.

With the offcuts I covered the worst quality footstool/box/ottoman I've ever seen that the chap at the auction forced on me. It's so terrible it comes free with the chair. It did make me laugh so I see it as worthwhile.

This chair is for sale.


  1. Do you still have this chair?

  2. What is the price? I am wondering if I could get a courier to grab it for me?

    1. Hi, it's two hundred pounds. Could you email me on mickdotsheridanatthelastdotorgdotuk if you're interested and I'll give you all the details - might be able to help with shipping, etc. Thanks. Mick