Monday, 11 February 2013

Edwardian Armchair

An Edwardian (or possibly late Victorian) open armchair covered in Stuart Renaissance Textiles ‘Rose & Pansy’ design wool, adapted from a Turkey-work chair cover, circa 1610.

 A couple came in with their own fabric which is an astonishing re-make of a 1600's design. I thought it might be too busy for this chair (that has been in the family over a hundred years) but it is such high quality I was keen to work with it. I was wrong, it sits extremely well.

It's not a geometric pattern so nothing lines up accurately, but I didn't realise this for ages. I got quite stressed with it until the penny dropped that it isn't supposed to line up. Now I'm very happy with it and so is the customer.

This was a full restoration with traditional horse-hair and hessian. It takes ages but I love doing it.

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