Thursday, 10 April 2014

1920's Tub Chairs in Sanderson Wool

A pair of 1920's oak tub chairs reupholstered in Sanderson Woodford Check Sage.

I was determined to cover the backs in a single piece of fabric so that the checks weren't interrupted (you're supposed to do tub chairs in 3 pieces) and after a couple of attempts I worked out how to do it. I then had to match the seat up - not easy when working with a pre-stitched front skirt. It took a while...

 I love making pairs of identical chairs - you have to complete each stage to both chairs before moving on, so you have two inside backs, then two seats, then two outside backs, etc - it seems to take ages and then suddenly you've done two jobs instead of one.

Can't be bad.

This was a commission.


  1. Hi Mick

    How did you get the fabric to hug the inside back curve so well. I've got to do this shortly and love some tips.
    They look really great.


  2. Hi Sarah, it's not easy, I had to do 2 trial runs with waste fabric to work it out and get the checks straight. Start in the middle and work slowly to the edges and it should work ok. These had 2 uprights where I had to make careful Y cuts on the bottom rail, if you have the same shape, fix fully top and bottom between the uprights then fix both sides round the front arms and see how this affects the tension before making your cuts. Most upholsterers cut the cloth in 3 pieces for tub chairs, this is much easier but doesn't look good with large checks - just take your time and work it out with waste fabric first. Good luck. Mick