Monday, 2 March 2015

Wing-back armchair in Melin Tregwynt fabric

Large wing-back armchair reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt St.David's Cross Cassis Welsh wool.

Here's another customer with strong enough conviction to choose a full-on fabric from Melin Tregwynt. She wanted something that would make a statement and she certainly got it. Just look at it. I think the term is Eye Popping.

This fabric is a traditionally woven wool in an 18th century pattern based on Shaker weaves. It is 100% British (Welsh) and cool enough for Matthew Hilton (with SCP) - here it is on one of their Balzac chairs.

And because of a brave decision, this customer now has one in her living room.The only one of its kind anywhere.

I had it in the window of my showroom for a day before it was collected and a couple stopped the car and came in to ask me how much it was. 'Not for sale' I told them, 'but I could reupholster one of your chairs in the same fabric.'

'Hmmn,' they said, and went away chattering like sparrows.

This was a commission.

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