Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Ercol Settee in Melin Tregwynt Welsh wool

A 1960's Ercol 403 Settee with redesigned upholstery covered in Melin Tregwynt MiniMadison 100% wool

The settee had four shabby loose cushions and rotten webbing throughout, nothing was usable so it was a chance to redesign the upholstery. After consulting the Ercol archives the customer and I decided to go for a single bench seat but keep the original ‘floating back’ cushion design.

Originally the back cushions went behind the seat cushions but we switched this to stop then slipping. We also agreed on thicker back cushions for comfort. The back cushions are hand-stitched around the webbing and finished with a neat hand-stitched bottom edge. 

The fabric was chosen for its period geometry and the colour worked very well with the wood.

 Well smart.

This was a commission.

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