Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Plastic Chair Toys

I like to leave a plastic toy inside each chair I reupholster.

I've being doing it for years. I do it for, you know, philosophical reasons.

I like the idea that the next person to reupholster the chair will find it and crack a smile.

Because quite apart from the glamour of the finished product, upholstery is a tough and lonely trade. It's work. And although (at least in my case) you can play loud, ugly music all day, or listen to the test match, I imagine finding a plastic toy in the chair you're stripping will help make it a better day than otherwise.

Particularly if it's an amputee Mexican bandit like the one above - due to be found in about 20 years.

So why not, eh?

Anyway, here's some more what I done: