Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Modified Wingback Armchair in Bute wool

A 1930's armchair modified and reupholstered in Bute Esk wool

Just because you're getting on a bit and having trouble getting out of your armchair doesn't mean you have to have a dowdy, chintzy old-people's-home armchair. Having a chair reupholstered should be like having a suit made - you should choose a great fabric and have it made to measure - so if you need a huge cushion to replace the three you've had stacked up on your armchair to give you the height and firmness you need to be able to get out of it again, you can have that. You can have whatever you want, it's your chair.

We made other modifications to this chair: dense foam on the arms for good leverage and chopped-off scrolls on the wings because the customer had always hated these. It's all easy for an upholsterer to do, so if you want changes, tell your upholsterer.

I can't get enough of this huge cushion, something else isn't it?

This was a commission.

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