Sunday, 8 November 2015

Bus Stop Chair at Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire.

This chair now available to bus travellers on the A487 at Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire.

A tricky one to photograph this; the sun blasting off the tin roof and me blindly backing into impatient oncoming traffic.

Here's a safer but no less clear angle. The photos don't convey how well colour-coordinated the chair is with the bus stop walls. Despite appearances, this isn't a random thing you know. I don't fix up a chair and drive around looking for a bus stop. It's premeditated. You know, researched and ting.

Here's the chair. A 1980's generic dining chair that I wombled from my local tip; cleaned, painted and reupholstered in a piece of damaged wool fabric from Melin Tregwynt - it's their Mondo Sage in case you were wondering. I hope someone who uses this bus stop works there, it's about 20 mins away at Castlemorris. You never know eh?

I pinned a plastic sheep to it because a) I had one and b) well it's a wool fabric innit.

Get it?

Knew you would.

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