Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Fred Perry Love Seat in Bus Stop at Pen Y Fan

A 'love seat' upholstered in Fred Perry polo shirts now available for lovers in the bus stop on the A470 near Libanus opposite Pen Y Fan in the Brecon Beacons.

This road is very much on the scooter run route so there'll be plenty of Mod-types passing by in need of a place to stop for a fag and to punch each other on the arm a bit and maybe even look at the mountains. They'll like the Fred Perry angle I'm sure.

A 'love seat' is designed for two people sitting facing one another so that you may stare into one another's eyes. So bolting two dining chairs together in opposite directions is definitely a love seat and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

The chairs are covered with two very worn out Fred Perry polo shirts that were no longer smart enough to wear, even when painting the railings.

In fact there was paint on both so I had to cover up corners with opposite sleeves, giving this a bizarre sort of yin/yang look. This is probably a step too far for it to be tasteful but guerrilla upholstery is all about experimentation and once you've started, there's no going back.

I haven't been a full-on Mod since about 1981 but I have been wearing Fred Perry polo shirts (always plain, without the tipped collar) since I was nine years old. They're just the best. If this is advertising them, good. If Fred Perry feel like sending me a new shirt for this free advertising, I'm size medium in a slim fit.

The chairs came from a friend in Yorkshire who used to have a red Vespa that we would ride about on when we were at college. When we were kids, 'rat bikes' were the coolest - these are stripped-down scooters without farings and painted black. A friend of mine was killed on one of these. I put a black rat underneath the chair in memory of him.

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