Monday, 22 February 2016

Wingback Armchair in Camira Wool

A 1960's wingback armchair reupholstered in Camira Blazer 100% wool.

Blazer is really just a very heavy duty felt so is great for getting neatly round all those curves - no weave to match and no need to cut anything on the bias.

I really love the splayed front legs on this- make it look very contemporary.

Although it doesn't have a maker's mark, I think the chair was made by Cintique because I recognise the spring unit.

But maybe these units were bought-in by various manufacturers in the UK from a central maker, a bit like in the car industry at the time (ever noticed how Lotus, Mini, Reliant, MG, British Leyland all have the same door handles?) - does anyone know if this is the case? These things are of great interest to me you know...

This was a commission.

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