Friday, 8 July 2016

Art Deco Armchair in Bute Tweed

A home-made mahogany Art Deco armchair reupholstered in Bute tweed

Another of those projects that I really don't want to give back, this is a real beauty. Lovingly made by hand in someone's home workshop and fifty or so years later is bought by my customer for a tenner at a house clearance auction.

Maybe it was a bit tatty, but really, who could give this away? Imagine this is left behind by your grandad and he made it with his own hands, would you sell it? No neither would I. I'd rather have this than any design classic, maybe it doesn't quite have the cohesive style of the work of Aalto or Panton, but it's unique. In fact I bet either of those gentlemen would have this in their own houses too.

Look at the legs, they're planks. Just planks. But the angles, look at the angles.

And look at the joints on the arm, and the angles... OK I'll stop gushing now.

The fabric ain't bad either is it?

You could go looking for one of these yourself, go trawling around the auctions and antique shops. But you won't find one.

This was a commission

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