Friday, 16 September 2016

Bus Stop Chair on the B4319 near Merrion, Pembrokeshire

This chair now available for bus travellers heading up to St. Twynnell's, Pembs.

This bus stop is very close to the Castlemartin military firing range and about as close as I could get to leave this chair without causing a security alert.

You see I did the chair with soldiers in mind - it's covered in a applique tweed camouflage (French woodland pattern) I made from offcuts of British tweed from Melin Tregwynt, Bute and Camira fabrics.

I really have a thing for camouflage. It's slightly ironic as I am a confirmed pacifist and know of no situation where war is justified. It's a probably hiding thing - I love hiding, it's a great pastime, you should try it.

Anyway I also have a thing about toy soldiers as you probably already know. And where better to display some toy soldiers near the very place where soldiers come to 'play'. So there's some in the little draw on the side of the chair.

So if you're waiting for a bus or just being diverted from the coastal path because the firing range is active, you can have a little play with the soldiers, in fact, if they're firing you won't even need to do your own sound effects.

And why not eh?


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