Thursday, 3 November 2016

Pair of 1920's armchairs

A pair of 1920's armchairs with cushions in Melin Tregwynt wool.

I try not to deal with leather furniture if I can avoid it as I don't use a walking-foot sewing machine which is essential for a quality job. Luckily I know a man who does. Dave lives just a few miles from me and is a car trimmer and leather upholstery specialist and also a jolly nice chap, so we have a bit of a deal where I refer leather work to him and he refers fabric reupholstery to me. It's a great arrangement and means that we often have to meet up to pick projects up from one another, which wherever possible, is done in a pub car park so we can squeeze in a couple of pints.

This project was a proper collaboration where I referred the customer to Dave, he restored the chair backs, replaced the arms with new leather, used the original leather from the arms to make new facings and then passed the chairs on to me to make new cushions and covers in the Melin Tregwynt fabric chosen by the customer.

Teamwork see, it's the way forward, you should try it.

This was a commission.

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