Monday, 13 February 2017

Parker Knoll Armchair in Camira wool fabric

A Parker Knoll 1071 armchair reupholstered in a teal wool mix fabric by Camira (of Yorkshire).

Super-stylish but with proper back support, you'll look cool in this from your twenties right through to your nineties and your chiropractor will approve.

Look at that sculptural back and imagine what it's doing for your back. No scoliosis, spondylosis or stenosis for you, no way sis.

So sit up straight and don't be no slouch,
And move aside that slumping old couch,
Buy this chair for which I can vouch,
That when you get old you won't have to crouch,
And become a stooping and grumpy old grouch,
Forever emitting that familiar 'ouch',
From the contorted strain on your stricken cheek pouch,
Caused by your vertebrae rubbing together because you didn't look after your posture when you had the chance like.

Stylish preventative medicine for just £400 all in.

Can't say fairer than that.

This chair is for sale.


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