Saturday, 1 April 2017

Victorian Horsehoe-back Armchair

A fine Victorian horseshoe back chair with raised support reupholstered in Ramshead fabric by Bute

What a beauty this one is - the fabric, designed for Bute Fabrics by Timorous Beasties is 85% wool and 15% nylon which gives it a silky sheen and lustre somehow similar to velvet so it works terrifically on this era of furniture that is traditionally done in velvet or silk. It's somehow contemporary and traditional at the same time, don't ask me how they managed that.


This came in as a pre-stripped frame that had been taken apart and put back together by local cabinet maker Jonathan Garrard who I would heartily recommend - the woodwork is exceptional.

So this was upholstered using traditional methods with coir and horsehair although I was spared stitching a rolled edge to the seat as it came fitted with a curved wooden support with a leather stitched edge - I'm not sure that was original but it gave a lovely crisp finish.

Unlike most chairs of this type, this is not simply ornamental - my very happy customer sits on this all the time so she was delighted to get it back after its long arduous transformation. And she has it back in time for her birthday, I know this because she told me she's double-delighted with the Ram's heads because she was born under the constellation of Aries.


This was a commission.

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