Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Lloyd Looms

There's nearly always a piece of Lloyd Loom furniture in our waiting list, they seem to be so enduring that they never die and they're cheap and simple to reupholster because they don't need much fabric. Here are a few recent jobs:

LL chair in Melin Tregwynt Elements 

LL blanket box in Melin Tregwynt St. David's Cross

LL chair in Sanderson Festival

So who is this Lloyd Loom character? Well I'll tell you.

He was an American individual named Marshall B Lloyd and he patented the process of weaving twisted paper round wire on a loom to create the Lloyd Loom 'fabric'. Here he is

In the 1920'a he sold the UK rights to the Lloyd Loom process to W Lusty and Sons who are responsible for most of the LL furniture above. If you have a piece it's likely to have been made by them in East London (or maybe at their later factory in Worcester). Have a look underneath, the maker's mark probably looks something like this

And the rest is history.

Except for one other very important thing you didn't know. A new range of LL furniture will soon be launched by the grandson of its inventor, LL Cool J.

Not many people know that 'LL' stands for Lloyd Loom but the multi-millionaire rapper has always been very upfront about it. "People think it stands for Ladies Love, but it actually stands for Lloyd Loom because the inventor of the Lloyd Loom process was my grandfather Marshal B Lloyd." says the millionaire rap star.

The new range will be something of a departure from the LL tradition and is based on the formal mid Victorian drawing room furniture so enamoured of its creator.

This last bit isn't true

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