Friday, 26 October 2018

Bus Shelter Chair at Llansantffraed

This chair now available to bus travellers on the A40 at Llansantffraed.

I painted the chair in some green paint I was given and went looking for some matching fabric in the scrap bag. I can't remember where this fabric came from but it looks kinda William Morris like and after stitching some pieces together I had a bird left over that became the ridiculous cushion on the back. I just drilled a hole and tied it like a button.

Daft experiments can lead to genuinely good ideas. This is daft but the idea of attaching a back cushion in this way is a good one so you never know until you try do you?

Do you do any daft experiments?


Why not? What are you doing instead?

Oh I see. Well that sounds more important. You'd better get on with that straight away after you've finished looking at the internet.

1 comment:

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