Thursday, 19 April 2012

1950's 'Festival' Armchair

This is a Parker Knoll wing-back chair from the 1950's appropriately covered in 1951 'Festival' fabric by Sanderson. The print was originally designed by the great Jacqueline Groag and now reissued by Sanderson to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain where this fabric was launched.

This chair is for sale at £375. John Lewis are selling a collapsed-looking chair in this fabric for £1100 no less.

Here's designer Jacqueline Groag, the Czech interloper looking the epitome of cool as if to somehow endorse this chair. I'm sure she'd like it more than the John Lewis one anyway.


  1. That is gorgeous. If I had any money going spare, I'd buy it. Unfortunately, I don't have money, much less spare money. So I'm just going to enjoy the photographs.

    1. Thanks Zesty Pete, if I had a glut of money I'd give you the chair, but sadly my philanthropy extends only to dining chairs.

  2. I love this chair. When I am a rich man I will commission you so hard.

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