Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Abandoned Chair

There are lots of seat-less bus stops in my area where old ladies have to stand up, I am making it my business to rectify this. Here's the first step. This chair currently sits in the lopsided shelter on the A40 past Llandeilo (on the Pen-y-banc turn-off), how long it stays there remains to be seen.

The chair was given to me and is re-upholstered using waste stuffings and covered in an old jumper.

In tribute to Robert Thompson (the mouseman furniture maker) I included an orange rubber mouse.

Look our for more Guerilla Upholstery in a bus stop nowhere near you.


  1. That is most awesome.
    You are most awesome for doing it :)

  2. that is such a fab idea! May your chairs linger long at their locations. Ask on Freecycle if you need more chairs for your project :)

  3. Well done you!! Great idea, love it.

  4. Such a nice example of making a difference. Someone said changing a world is bit tricky but one village at a time it's doable. One chair at a time even more so. Respect.

  5. Brilliant. And I love the details of the mouse and the luggage label!

  6. Thanks for all the very kind words. I hope the local constabulary feel the same way.