Monday, 28 May 2012

Another Bus Stop Chair

Here's another chair for weary passengers to rest upon. This one is now on the A483 at Cynghordy.

This is another Ercol chair painted grey and covered in some offcuts of a 1950's 'Festival' print.

And this time a nice little astronaut on the leg. The tag reads 'take the weight off your feet'.


  1. I like your blog, and your chairs. I upholster, it's not a living at all. We don't have fancy bus stops or I might copy your idea. Hope the chair gets some use before someone takes a fancy to it.

  2. These are brilliant! Do you know whether they stay in the bus stops for any time or do people just nick them?

    1. Eventually they get nicked but normally not for a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to seeing someone sitting on one. The long cushion is still there after a month.

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