Monday, 18 June 2012

Arthur's Seat

It's always nice when I get a brave commission. Re-upholstery of this chair was a birthday present from Mrs. Davies to her husband Arthur for his 90th birthday. It was in a sorry state but he wouldn't get a new one because he sits in it every morning to read the paper. This seemed very special to me so I convinced them to go for a hand-woven tweed that would do the occasion justice.

This fabric, handmade on the Isle of Bute is very expensive but I discounted my work quite a bit to bring it in on their budget. As the chair is a 1950's High Wycombe frame, it's pretty solid but I had to change it considerably with very different foam and stuffings and I was quite worried Arthur wouldn't find it comfortable.

But he loved it.
Happy Birthday Arthur.

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