Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Victorian Iron Back Chair in Bute Tweed

A Victorian iron back chair reupholstered in Bute tweed.

This chair belonged to a customer's grandmother and had been handed down through the family. It was very tired looking with a spring poking through the seat. She bravely decided to go for a contemporary wool fabric, bringing this great little chair into the 21st Century.

As any upholsterer will tell you and iron back chair is a serious undertaking. The back is made in iron strips so there can be no tacks, each stage must be hand stitched to the next. (For an excellent blog post on these chairs see The London Chair Collective here).

This chair was made with real horse and hog hair, a time consuming but quite wonderful process that gives it a hand-made feel in keeping with its age.

To add something extra, the customer asked for an accent piping and we found a great match using Melin Tregwynt Carew wool.

What would the Victorians say?

This was a commission.

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