Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Push Me - Pull You Chair

This is the Push Me - Pull You chair. Two cut-down late 19th Century cane chairs joined together and upholstered in a period tapestry fabric.

This is what you might call design through experimentation. Originally intended as a guerrilla upholstery piece destined for a bus stop, my wife saw it and said 'I'm having that' and walked off with it.

So it sits in our dining room and is used as an extra dining chair, mainly by kids who don't mind not having a proper chair to sit on. A friend saw it and said 'ah, the Pushmi Pullyu, Doctor Doolittle would be pleased'.

The chairs came for the local tip. One had no front legs so the saw was required.

And some screws and batens to join them together.

The tapestry fabric was given to me by one of my neighbours and might be 100 years old but could easily be from the 1950s. Who knows. Who cares, it's ace.

This chair might be for sale if you can persuade my wife.

Good luck with that.

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