Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Victorian Bolster-Back Chair in Welsh Wool

An 1883 bolster-back nursing chair reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt Mini-Madison wool.

Really unique looking chair this one. I'm calling it a 'bolster-back' chair for the scroll-type top that looks like a bolster. I googled 'bolster-back' and a couple of similar chairs popped up, so I'm happy with that. If anyone knows what they're really called please let me know.

The Melin Tregwynt fabric seems to really suit the chair - it's contemporary but with enough tradition to somehow pull it off. And the chair is all shape and not much detail so it can carry the pattern - something to consider when choosing a fabric.

This was very rickety when I first saw it. It came to me through cabinet-maker Jonathan Garrard who knocked it flat then put it all back together again.

And then I got my hands on it.

The leg detail and castors give a strong clue that this chair is from the late 1800s, but I'm going to stick my neck out and say this chair was made in 1883. In fact I reckon it was upholstered on April 21st of that year. How could I possibly know that? OK, see below - a piece of 'The London Reader' from that date. I found this along with the rest of the sweepings from the floor of that day (rags, thread, etc) - a common practice at the time.

And in case you were wondering, yes of course I put it back. Along with a note of my own, the date and of course a plastic soldier.

And why not eh?

This was a commission.

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