Monday, 25 September 2017

Wingback Armchair in Melin Tregwynt wool - a birthday gift

An early 20th Century wingback armchair reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt Vintage Rose Savannah 100% wool fabric.

This beautifully appointed chair is a much-loved family heirloom that was in daily use, just a bit saggy and in need of some attention. I was contacted by one of the owner's sisters to see if the family could afford to club together and have it reupholstered as a surprise birthday gift for her and after a few simple questions I estimated a cost and it transpired that indeed they could afford to and would go ahead.

Knowing that she loves the various British wool fabrics we specialise in but wanting her to pick her own fabric (and to have a present to give on the birthday) they came by for some fabric cuttings and other bits and pieces and made an 'upholstery mood-board birthday card' - the lucky birthday girl then brought in the chair, picked the fabric, we took care of business and the family paid the fee. A simple and very enjoyable process.

Come on families, give the gift of reupholstery - what are you waiting for?

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