Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Art Deco sofa in Welsh wool

A 1940's late Art Deco sofa reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt Luna (apple) 100% wool.

Traditionally reupholstered and with a reinforced wood frame, this beast weighs in pretty hefty. If you ask me, the end of the Art Deco period produced very stylish, simple furniture - gone is the decoration and decadence of the early years, replaced by a solidity and seriousness reflecting the times.

The familiar sloping angles are here but there's more than a hint of modernity creeping in. I love this furniture - if I were to manufacture furniture, it would be in this style. Once again the customers were brave enough to choose a fabric that does justice to the great shape.

My daughter saw this and said "Wow, it looks like it should be in a forest."  We talked about Yetis and Abominable Snowmen and agreed this would make an ideal armchair for them and that the forest would be a very fitting place for it.

But as the customers live right next to the forest we felt it would live happily in their front room.

Until Bigfoot wants it back...

This was a commission.

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