Monday, 6 October 2014

Bus Stop Chair at Cresselly, Pembrokeshire.

This is a smart yellow 1950's dining chair made by Ben Chairs, Frome that I wombled out of a skip, now available for bus travellers on the A4075 at Cresselly.

Yes, this is the chair I tried and failed to drop in Castlemartin (see previous blog entry) - this is a much nicer bus stop though don't you think?

The chair was in good condition in its original yellow vinyl so rather than reupholster it, I adorned it with drawings from the 1980's arcade game 'Asteroids', remember that?

They used to have these chairs in the sports centre where I grew up and where I used to hang out and play arcade machines.

Hence, 'Asteroids', a childhood reference you see.

And why not eh?

It's not visible in the first photo, but this is also the first chair to display my posh new labels, kindly printed for me free of charge by Roger at the excellent and wonderful  Papercut Bindery 

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