Monday, 20 October 2014

LLandovery Sheep Festival

I took a stand at this year's Sheep Festival in Llandovery. It's a brilliant event, very close to where I live and very relevant to what I do - particularly now that I'm billing myself as a Welsh Wool Specialist.

I was very pleased to be supported by Melin Tregwynt whose products I use and specify wherever possible. Thanks to Eifion for supplying the banners - I clearly didn't make the Balzac chair in the picture but I guess it's only a matter of time before one comes my way. And when it does, maybe I'l cover it in one of these terrific fabrics that I was promoting.

I decided to do some 'live upholstery' to create a bit of interest. It's not exactly the Greatest Show on Earth and I certainly couldn't compete with Sheeptacular with it's dancing sheep, but then, who could?

But I did get plenty of interest and comments about the traditional method in which I was stitching and stuffing this bench.

People are quite fascinated by the magnetic tack hammer, particularly kids - get them one of these mums and dads, they'll soon put down those Nintendos.

Probably best not to teach them to 'spit tacks' though eh?

Many thanks to everyone I met for showing interest in this great old profession and don't forget to bring your chairs into my workshop like you all promised...

(Many thanks to Fiona for organising another brilliant event - onwards and upwards).

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