Saturday, 18 October 2014

Painted Dining Chairs

A set of painted dining chairs in plaid wool.

Most of my customers come into the workshop with an idea of what they want but also seeking some advice. Usually they're not that interested in what goes on underneath but keen to ensure they get fabric that is appropriate for the furniture both in the way it looks and how long it will last. Occasionally someone comes in saying 'please re-do these chairs in this fabric'. In this instance, a customer came in with a set of chairs they'd already painted, bringing with them both the fabric and braid for the job. As it turned out it was a very good fit - it isn't always...

Don't ask me to like it - I'm really not into ch*bby ch*c, so painting such well-made, hand carved beech chairs would never be my choice, but I have to concede, these were probably heading for landfill and are now looking like a set of desirable country-kitchen chairs. So fair play to this customer, and they got the colour scheme spot-on.

 And who am I to say what anyone should do to their furniture? I am very happy to do whatever you want me to do - you're paying the money and you shall have what you want. I will insist you get a solid, lasting job and of course I will stitch a toy soldier on the inside, but otherwise, you call the shots.

I never forget that.

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