Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Edwardian Ladies Chair

 Upholstery in progress.

 Before I touched it.

Reproduction Edwardian Ladies Chair fully reupholstered with traditional horse-hair and hessian, deep-buttoned back and covered in cobalt blue velvet. Or as I prefer, Yves Klein Blue velvet.

This chair is for sale.

Atomic Chair

1950's handmade chair with something of the 'atomic' period about it. Handmade/homemade by an eccentric chap in Llanelli (according to the house clearance auctioneer) of oak and mahogany. It's big enough for an adult but maybe more of a child's chair. Covered in genuine Tweed with orange flecks.

This chair is for sale.

Parker Knoll Chair

1960's TV chair (no arms) by Parker Knoll re-stuffed and re-covered in 1970's bright orange velvet.

This chair is no longer for sale as I spilled a cup of tea on it.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

1930's Knocked -Together Chair and (ridiculous) Ottoman

My Great Uncle Gerry used to live in Red Lion Square in Holborn and when he died I got this chair from his flat.
It's from around the time of Utility and being made from orange boxes needed a fair bit of reinforcement. I couldn't work out how it was made so I applied traditional upholstery techniques and went for the heavy horse-hair-and-hessian approach. I used a linen fabric by Moygashel called "Pinto" and designed by Arno Thoner.

With the offcuts I covered the worst quality footstool/box/ottoman I've ever seen that the chap at the auction forced on me. It's so terrible it comes free with the chair. It did make me laugh so I see it as worthwhile.

This chair is for sale.

G-Plan Apple Print Dining Chair(s)

I have four of these G-Plan dining chairs to be done in any fabric you like. Here's one in a cheapo apple print. Just so you can get an idea like.

4 available.

2 Tone Dining Chair

I bought a great two-tone jacket at The Salvation Army shop for a fiver but it didn't fit. Here it is on a chair with a couple of badges on the lapel and sleeve underneath.

This chair is sold.

The Luck Chair / Maeve's Chair

A commission for friends the Luck family. 1960's wicker chair in the shape of George Nelson's Coconut Chair.
Painted, re-stuffed and covered in Kath Kidston print fabric.

Theo, you can come and pick this up now. Please.

Soft Military Chair

Another 1970's Thonet Chair covered in digital print camouflage and black lacquer.


The Dog's Armchair

I rescued this chair from my Dad's old house and pumped lots of cash into doing it up. Reupholstery is not cheap. I bought dressmaking fabric in a bid to save money. The finished chair is a bit bumpy so I'm not going to show it to you. My dog loves it however.

Crazy Bones Chair

My mate John Whinnie and I both like Go-Gos (Crazy Bones), they're little plastic sculptures if you ask me. John doesn't like standing on them when they've been left out by the kids and neither do I. Inspired by his pain, I altered this chair to house them.

My daughter's favourite chair - not for sale.

Alien Chair

Dainty dining chair covered in patterned towelling. There is a little rubber alien stuck underneath, hence the name. I like to stick toys under my chairs, I can't quite put my finger on why, it's something to do with my ego I think.

This chair is sold.

Charlie Brown Thonet Chair

1970's Thonet dining chair in orange velvet and chocolate brown lacquer. I used some nylon rope from Pembrey Beach for the braid. The colour reminded me of Charlie Brown's baseball shirt.

Bunty's Chair

Did this one for my neighbour. She, you know, likes it.

Needlecord Chair

I paid one pound for this chair. Re-stuffed and covered in fine corduroy with a couple of nice buttons, finished off in a scrap of secret K.Kidston underneath - it looks alright now doesn't it?

This chair is sold.