Monday, 22 October 2012

Regency Dining Chairs

Three reproduction Regency over-stuffed mahogany dining chairs fully re-upholstered and covered in Sanderson Taormina Sage velvet.

These were originally fixed with upholstery nails but I thought it made them look heavy so I used a scroll braid, I think it looks far more elegant.

They say elegance never goes out of style, and all things considered, they're probably right, whoever they are.
These were a commission. As a guidline I can usually do over-stuffed chairs for around £100 each.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lloyd Loom Ottoman

1950's Lloyd Loom Blanket Box re-painted and re-upholstered in 1970's M&S fabric.

Would look spectacular at the end of your bed, and look, there's loads of room in it.

It's an original LL too, so worth a bob or two.

£120 to you, can't be bad.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Pembrokeshire Bus Stop Chair (yes another one)

I passed this bus stop on the A40 at Wolf's Castle on my way to Fishguard recently and thought I'd better give these good people somewhere to sit.

I bet it feels like a long way down that path to the bus when it's raining.

My wife found this chair (along with two others) by the side of the road in Llan-non so I thought it appropriate to cover the seat in a damaged canvas from one of her paintings. As it's acryllic paint, it's a great covering, much like vinyl.

I added a great little spaceman too because I just couldn't resist it.