Monday, 25 September 2017

Large Ottoman and Lloyd Loom chair in Melin Tregwynt wool

Large ottoman and Lloyd Loom chair reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt Vintage Rose Savannah fabric

Over the past three years our lovely octogenarian neighbours who were so welcoming and helpful to us since we moved to this great little village eleven years ago became ill and died within a very short time of each other. As the house was being cleared some of the family decided to leave a few pieces of furniture with us for reupholstery. The above box and below chair were among them.

Sometimes it's the sentimental value of furniture that matters. Reupholstery can transform things that may have little monetary value or may not seem to 'fit' in our contemporary homes and give them huge importance in our lives again. They can connect us to our past while being resolutely contemporary - both old and new at the same time.

It's amazing, give it a go.

In memory of the lovely Ollie and Marion.

Lloyd Loom in Melin Tregwynt wool

Nice little Lloyd Loom chair reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt Carew wool - great how the wear on the chair seems to match the colour range in the fabric

This was a commision

Cane Chair with the perfect fabric

A 1950's open armchair with canework back - new seat in Melin Tregwynt Nexus Ochre 100% wool

Our customer picked up this chair with no cushion and dropped it off saying 'see if you can find me a fabric that suits this'. This is one of our repeat customers for whom we have done many jobs in the past and it's great when someone trusts you to come up with the right thing.

When I spotted the similarity between the weave pattern and the 6-way cane weave pattern I knew we had a match, what about that eh?

This was a commission

Bus Shelter Chair at Defynnog

This chair now available to bus travellers on the A4067 at Defynnog.

The chair came from a load in a skip and is now covered in my old German parka.

If you're wondering where the usual toy soldiers are, they're in the pockets.

I can recommend a pint at the nearly Farmer's Arms if you're thinking of visiting.

Large Edwardian armchair - the Blitz Survivor

A large Edwardian armchair reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt Elements Aqua 100% wool fabric.

This huge armchair has an amazing story attached - the owner's grandfather bought it in London at the turn of the century and had it in his Ilford home. Just before WW2 they moved out to the country and rented their home fully furnished. During the Blitz the house suffered a direct hit, killing all the occupants and destroying pretty much everything else EXCEPT THIS CHAIR.

Like St.Paul's Cathedral, this chair has had a few repairs and modifications over the years but remains as a stoic reminder of the quality of British manufacture. To those who try to defeat us we defiantly turn our backs on your attempts...

This was a commission

Wingback Armchair in Melin Tregwynt wool - a birthday gift

An early 20th Century wingback armchair reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt Vintage Rose Savannah 100% wool fabric.

This beautifully appointed chair is a much-loved family heirloom that was in daily use, just a bit saggy and in need of some attention. I was contacted by one of the owner's sisters to see if the family could afford to club together and have it reupholstered as a surprise birthday gift for her and after a few simple questions I estimated a cost and it transpired that indeed they could afford to and would go ahead.

Knowing that she loves the various British wool fabrics we specialise in but wanting her to pick her own fabric (and to have a present to give on the birthday) they came by for some fabric cuttings and other bits and pieces and made an 'upholstery mood-board birthday card' - the lucky birthday girl then brought in the chair, picked the fabric, we took care of business and the family paid the fee. A simple and very enjoyable process.

Come on families, give the gift of reupholstery - what are you waiting for?