Monday, 16 November 2015

Laura Ashley Sofa

A 1990's laura Ashley sofa reupholstered in, wait for it... Laura Ashley fabric.

Laura Ashley make great quality furniture, there's no doubt about it. And their fabric is good to work with too - all 17 metres of it.

This was a commission.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Bus Stop Chair at Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire.

This chair now available to bus travellers on the A487 at Simpson Cross, Pembrokeshire.

A tricky one to photograph this; the sun blasting off the tin roof and me blindly backing into impatient oncoming traffic.

Here's a safer but no less clear angle. The photos don't convey how well colour-coordinated the chair is with the bus stop walls. Despite appearances, this isn't a random thing you know. I don't fix up a chair and drive around looking for a bus stop. It's premeditated. You know, researched and ting.

Here's the chair. A 1980's generic dining chair that I wombled from my local tip; cleaned, painted and reupholstered in a piece of damaged wool fabric from Melin Tregwynt - it's their Mondo Sage in case you were wondering. I hope someone who uses this bus stop works there, it's about 20 mins away at Castlemorris. You never know eh?

I pinned a plastic sheep to it because a) I had one and b) well it's a wool fabric innit.

Get it?

Knew you would.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Victorian Club Chair in silk damask

A mid Victorian club chair reupholstered in Sanderson silk damask.

This is a huge chair. It has something of the American automobile about it don't you think?

This was a full, down-to-the-wood restoration with traditional upholstery throughout and it's nice to use a very traditional fabric every once in a while.

This was a commission.