Guerrilla Upholstery

Sometimes I use waste products from my upholstery business to furnish public spaces, particularly bus shelters.  Here's a video of me doing that in a gorilla mask.


Here's some pictures (click pics for details)


















  1. Loving the work and the impressive ideas. I particularly like the Guerrilla Upholstery idea and love it that you're improving the dreary spaces in that beautiful part of the world. Being a native of that area I'll keep an eye out when I'm home.

    Keep up the good work and good luck!

  2. Mick, you are a star! Just seen the report on your "activities" and it made me smile from ear to ear. It's about time we had a Superhero doing the right thing for the peoples comfort. Who needs Banksy, when we have you :0) keep up the good work !

  3. This is amazing! What a great way to recycle and help others in the community!

  4. Can you change the Youtube link of your Bus Stop video to the one that works please? Great stills though.

    1. Works ok if you watch it in the Blogger frame, just don't click through to Youtube (it's actually hosted by Blogger, Youtube won't host it). There's a higher quality version here but it may have adverts.

      Thanks for trying

  5. two chairs would look more sociable - one chair looks a bit lonely.. )-:

  6. Was reading about you in an article on 'whimsy' by Joanna Mann. Love your work. You're an inspiration! I have seen some bus stops 'furnished' here in Melbourne Australia too :) Seems it's catching :)

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