Monday, 24 September 2012

Train Station Cushion

The bench seat at Cynghordy Railway Station was looking a little rusty and sharp-edged so I thought I'd soften it a little with some cushions. The trains are often late and you wouldn't want to spend half an hour sitting on that. Now it'll be more comfortable.

I measured up first and marked where to add the cushion ties to secure to the bench.

There are three cushions made from offcuts from recent upholstery projects and stuffed with sliced-up foam from some old cushions I had to replace for another chair. Here are the cushions on my workbench.

I chose colours that I thought would complement the bench and shelter - these things matter don't you know?

Monday, 10 September 2012

Posh Pigboard (upholstered)

I was asked to contribute to a group show at The Last Gallery for all artists who have exhibited there in the past five years. Although I'm not really an artist, I often have my chairs in the windows between shows.

The theme for the exhibition was 'The Local Show' referring to agricultural shows in general, so I created this very posh Pigboard - a device for blocking a pig's sight, causing the pig to keep moving and not create havoc in the show arena.

It was shown with the  title "Posh Pigboard - for the farmer who likes to treat pigs with greater care".

Astonishingly, no-one seemed to want to buy it, so if anyone knows a pig farmer with a penchant for soft furnishings, let me know.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Helen's Chair

A 1960's/70's armchair in the HIgh Wycombe style, covered in Sanderson 'Still Life' and 'Park Life' fabrics.

This was for my friend Helen, a fashion lecturer who insisted that these two fabrics would work together. I wasn't so sure but now I see she was right. Sometimes it's better to bow to the judgement of fashion experts even though they are all slightly bonkers. Bonkers is certainly the way forward if you ask me.

I used opposite piping on the cushions and arms to bring the two fabrics together.

And added piping to the edges of the back panel to complete it.
This chair belonged to Helen's Aunty Eileen (or Anti as we say in Wales) and was in a fairly sorry state. Most people would have put it in a skip. Now it's a family heirloom that everyone will talk about. They will smile when they sit in it.
And they will love it.