Monday, 18 March 2013

1930's recliner chair

A 1930's recliner chair (or steamer chair as they're also called) re-upholstered in an Ercol fabric.

Well smart.

This was a commission.

Victorian Armchair

A Victorian armchair re-upholstered in silver velvet.

A traditional horse-hair and hessian restoration of a Victorian chair that a customer rescued from a skip. It was in a sorry state but not any more.

Traditional upholstery takes ages but I love doing it so I always price low to get these type of jobs - I could do one of these for you for under £400, can't be bad.

This was a commission.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bird Hide Benches

A local bird hide with very rough-topped benches is now considerably more comfortable by these deep-buttoned pads covered in a 1970's floral linen.

So bird enthusiasts in Talyllychau won't get sore backsides when looking out over the lake for smew or whooper swans (you'd have to wait a long time to see either).

I made the pads up before installing.

And fixed them with screws.

I was accompanied by a photographer for Pretty Nostalgic magazine who were doing an article on my exploits that you can buy here. Thanks to Rae Edwards and Pretty Nostalgic for use of these photos.