Thursday, 24 March 2016

Bus Stop Stool at Neyland, Pembrokeshire.

A Psychedelic stool now available to bus travellers on the B4325 at Neyland, Pembs.

The stool was brought in by a customer but deemed to be 'without enough aesthetic merit to warrant the cost of reupholstery' and so was destined for landfill. I didn't do much to it, just re-used some webbing and foam from another armchair and some scraps of material to make it useful again.

Added a soldier (front leg, look carefully) and it was ready. I was thinking, I know just the place for this having passed the stop late last summer and photographed it. What I hadn't noted was that from our caravan in South Pembs I'd need to pay the 70p toll on the Cleddau Bridge to get to the bus stop and another 70p to get back again. So for the first time ever, this piece of guerrilla upholstery actually cost me money - £1.40 to be exact. That's half a pint in my local.

Who's going to buy me a half to make up for it?

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Three Piece Suite in British Wool

A rare opportunity to see some of my work in situ - a lovely little three piece suite reupholstered in Camira wool fabric.

This suite was made in the 90's by Duresta in the UK and is thus very high quality. As it had fire certs and was in almost as-new condition beneath the light-damaged fabric, all I had to do was add feathers to the cushions and re-cover it.

I realise my photography is a far cry from those interiors magazines but the suite looks very smart in this graphite wool fabric doesn't it? And it's not every day I get to place my work in a grand Georgian pile such as this. I just need to remember - 'next time, close the interior doors when you're photographing.'

Look how well the curved back of the sofa would have mirrored the curve of the lamp table - particularly if  I'd closed that door...

This was a commission.