Thursday, 20 September 2018

Strange shelter chair at Llanegwad

Whoever uses this homemade shelter that looks like it's cut out of some kind of storage barrel can now sit down

I have a feeling it might be used by kids from the house behind waiting for the school bus, so I made a camo seat from offcuts of wool fabric that I thought they might like. I also added a squashy mouse (a nod to Robert Thompson) because if it's an ex grain store I like the idea of the mouse sitting in it.

And why not eh?

Child's Egg style chair in Melin Tregwynt wool

One of the many late 1960's Arne Jacobsen style copies upholstered in Melin Tregwynt wool

Upholsterers, think twice before letting your customer talk you into reupholstering something this shape in a geometric pattern, this took ages to get right. I'm happy I made sense of the pattern with some pleats in the outside back and joins on the inside arms but ideally a plain fabric would give you a perfect curve for the back.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out though, good one innit.

Chinoiserie footstool in Scottish wool

A 19th century Chinoiserie footstool reupholstered in Bute Ramshead fabric

Superb detail in the paintwork.

Footstool in Welsh wool

An elegant little footstool reupholstered in Melin Tregwynt Nexus wool, very nice too

Regency sofa upholstered in Welsh wool

A large Recency sofa traditionally upholstered in Melin Tregwynt semi-plain weave.

This came in as a pre-stripped frame so we had little idea how it had been upholstered but decided to do it in horse-hair as it is such a nice example and an original piece.

I was very happy with how the bolsters fitted the arm recess and overall I love the neatness of the whole thing.

Yet another piece if furniture I wish was mine.

Subbuteo Chair on the A6 near Luton

Subbuteo Chair now available to bus travellers on the A6 near Luton

I covered the chair in an old Subbuteo pitch in homage to the England team after their great progression in the world cup.

And I took it down to Luton because I was going to see them play and of course LTFC are the greatest football team in the world.

Child's chair in Melin Tregwynt wool

This chair was made for my customer when she was five, now she's passing it on to her grandchild so we reupholstered the seat and back in some Welsh wool, keeping the original vinyl on the arms and back.

I think it's about time your did something with that chair you had when you were a child don't you think?

Footstool upholstered in a sheepskin coat

A customer asked me if I could cover her footstool in a sheepskin coat that she loved but had become too damaged to wear any more so of course I said yes.

I added the buttons underneath as a secret little touch because, hey, I can.

Pair of wingbacks in Melin Tregwynt wool

A pair of wingback chairs reupholstered in wool fabrics by Melin Tregwynt.

I love doing pairs in different fabrics, just makes things a little bit more interesting I reckon.

This one is in 'Halo' and the one below in 'Elements'.

These were a commission

Bus Shelter Chair at Abergwili

Chair now available to bus travellers on the high street at Abergwili, Carmarthen.

As ever the chair was from the tip and I covered it in some floral fabric I stripped from an armchair I was reupholstering.

I like to extend the fabric to the bottom stretchers on certain dining chairs which gives it an elegant look I like to think - kinda skirt like. And for good measure on this one I added a boob tube.

And why not eh?

Bus Shelter Chair at Crickhowell

This chair is now available to bus travellers on the A40 at Crickhowell

I made this chair a while back for an exhibition, it's one of my 'inside out' chairs where the fabric is stitched into the horse hair to show the inside on the outside.

It was kicking around the showroom for ages and I couldn't decide what to do with it and so, like most of my other experimental chairs I thought, "oh I'll just stick it in a bus shelter."

And it was gone within hours. I know because I drove back past about three hours later and it wasn't there. Good luck to whoever took it. It's best that they're taken before they get ruined by weather, but I can't help wondering how people feel taking them, it can't be good karma surely?