Monday, 23 October 2017

Mid Century Sofa in Kvadrat fabric

A very large mid-century sofa reupholstered in Kvadrat Halingdal wool fabric.

This sofa is either home-made or at least heavily modified with an 18mm ply base and rough-sawn plank back. We just made a couple of huge cushions upholstered in one of the best fabrics on the market and look at it.

7 feet long and total class.

This was a commission.

Large armchair in Designers Guild fabric

A huge Laura Ashley armchair reupholstered in Delahaye fabric by Designers Guild.

Amazing fabric, it's an oil-on-water print.

What about that eh?

This was a commission.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Bus Shelter chair at Lydstep

This chair now available to bus travellers on the A1439 at Lydstep, Pembrokeshire.

I liberated the chair from a skip and covered the seat in the quilt cover I made for my daughter when she was very little - it's an Andy Warhol Camo copy.

I then got completely carried away with paint after I'd had a few drinks - I'm calling it the 'Drunk Pattern' camo (trademarked).

And there's an amputee Grenadier Guard just to round things off.

1960's Bed Settee in Bute tweed

A 1960's bed settee reupholstered in Bute Fabrics tweed

Once again Bute came up trumps with the fabric

Terrific for an afternoon nap eh?

This was a commission