Tuesday, 10 July 2018

1950's Rocking Chair in Bute Ramshead

A 1950's rocker now covered in Bute fabric's Ramshead.

I love the on/off lever on this model, a quite brilliant innovation.

And once again the fabric is total class. This was commissioned as a birthday present by one of our repeat customers to her husband - it's a great idea as long as you can wait a while. Alternatively plan about 6 months ahead and we'll have it ready for you.

Happy Birthday from ages ago Jeremy.

This was a commission

Monday, 9 July 2018

Ercol Armchairs in Melin Trefriw Wool

A pair of Ercol Armchairs reupholstered in Welsh wool from Melin Trefriw.

As we often do, we replaced the back cushions with bespoke feather cushions to show off the spindles on the chairs a bit more. It was great to work with cloth from Melin Trefriw - it's not really an upholstery fabric in that it isn't treated and doesn't have a rub test figure so we don't often get the chance to use it but as far as I'm concerned it's better than a good deal of 'proper' upholstery fabric on the market.

But it's such a great traditional Welsh tapestry design that even though it doesn't have the required cigarette test certificate for upholstery I think we'll take the risk that it wont spontaneously combust. And who smokes now anyway? And have you ever tried burning a Welsh blanket? No chance mate.

For more info on Melin Trefriw fabrics, click here

This was a commission.

Mid Century Armchair in Bute tweed

A 1960's British armchair reupholstered in terrific Bute tweed.

The cushions on this armchair had been eaten by mice and were looking a bit sorry but the chair had belonged to the customer's late husband so it was a privilege to restore it back to its former glory.

And once again the Bute Fabrics tweed range did not disappoint.

This was a commission

Pair/Par Exhibition

Two pieces from our new Welsh Vernacular range were featured in this splendid exhibition at Parc Howard in Llanelli. Here's the details from the Oriel Myrddin website.

"Simon Gaiger · Sam Knight · Mick Sheridan · Chris Williams
Seats by four exceptional makers from Carmarthenshire paired with historical seats from Carmarthenshire Museums and local collections. "

Here's a poor photo of my pieces where you can get a rough idea - the light was so strong coming through the window it was very hard to photograph so you'll h ave to take my work for it that it looked fantastic.

It was great to meet the other exhibitors and very flattering to be in such good company.

This one is mine

I am so happy with this chair I picked up for £5  - now covered in Bute tweed no less.

And no, you can't have it, it's mine.